Child Car Seat Head Support Usage

For children under the age of 12, special child car seats can be used for protection. For children over 12 years old, the car’s conventional seat head support can protect the child’s back and neck, but the side protection should not be ignored. A car side headrest is required to be installed on the seat. Especially when the child is sleeping in the car, the head will sway with the car body and even bump, which will endanger the safety of the child.

How to use the child car seat head support correctly

1. First adjust the seat angle so that the back is as straight as possible.

Some owners or passengers like to raise the headrest so that the height of the headrest is higher than the head. It is said that this adjustment can give the head a top-down protection. In fact, this so-called sense of protection is just an illusion. The softest part of the headrest is in the middle, the height of the headrest is too high, and the back of the head can only touch the lower edge of the headrest, and the cushioning effect of the headrest cannot be discussed.

2, the height of the headrest should be flush with the head

The softest and most protective part of the headrest is in the middle of the headrest. Therefore, the height of the headrest should be adjusted to be flush with the head, or the soft part of the headrest is parallel to the upper edge of the ear. When the vehicle is subjected to severe impact, the headrest can effectively protect the head and cervical vertebrae.

3, the distance between the back of the head and the headrest should be as small as possible

From a physical point of view, the smaller the distance between the hindbrain and the headrest when the car is hit, the greater the cushioning effect of the headrest on the head and neck. This spacing should not exceed 4 cm at most, which is equivalent to the width of two fingers juxtaposed.

4, side protection can not be ignored

We can also add a side headrest to the seat to enhance the side impact protection of the seat. In addition to effectively protecting the head and neck of the child, the headrest pillow can also make the child sleep more peacefully and more practically.

Car seat head support are not just for comfort, but the key to protecting the car’s occupants in an emergency is the value of the car’s headrest. Therefore, in the daily use of the car, we should pay attention to the adjustment of the height of the seat head support, and install the side head support to make the head support truly protect our device.